As part of efforts to enhance education and quality healthcare delivery in the district, the district Chief Executive Hon. Katherine Lankono commissioned schools and health facilities across Toyaga, Chaagu, Pennintobo, Samatigu and Ombo community.
She encouraged communities to take ownership of the facility and join hands with authorities to ensure that they are well taken care of. She equally admonished community members to bear with the assembly as they work assiduously towards solving issues that affect them. The assembly remains resolute in bridging educational and health inequality gaps in communities.
Essentially, it is part of the mandate of the District Assembly to provide education and health care to its citizens. The Hon. DCE has put education and health care as a priority in the district of Nadowli-Kaleo.She said the educational facilities will prevent children from engaging themselves in “galamsey” and she also advised parents not to allow their children to travel for greener pastures and leave the school. She added that education is a powerful tool anyone could use to fulfil their dreams and change the world for the better.

The director of education also advised parents to take good care of the facility and the teachers that will be posted to the school.

The director of Health said these facilities are going to improve the mortality rate in the district and also improve the well-being of the citizens in the benefited communities.

The communities which were the beneficiaries are as follows: Toyaga had a KG block, Pennintobo had a JHS block, Chaagu had a KG block, Samatigu and Ombo had CHPS respectively.

The community members were very excited that the facilities were completed on time to relieve them from travelling far distances to access education or health care because of the poor nature of their roads in the area. They also argue the district assembly to do more of such facilities, (i.e. electricity, water etc.) and other social amenities.