The Human Resource Management Department of Nadowli-Kaleo District as part of their role and responsibilities, they have organized the 2023 staff durbar to discussed issues bordering staffs and their working environment condition in the district.

The DCE welcome the staff and asked them to feel free and voice out their issues so that we can have a cool and smooth working environment for quality service delivery in our district.

The HR officer lead the staff for smooth discussion below are some of the issues discussed at the durbar

  1. Staff welfare
  2. Staff motivation
  3. Staff welfare constitution

Inconclusion, the DCE thank the staff for their time and effort they are putting in the development of the district and she assure staff, management will look at the proposal made and implement the decision that were arrive at in the durbar. In addition, the staff also thank HRM Department and management for the organisation of the staff durbar to hear their problems and issues bordering them at the workplace. They propose that more of such should be organized in every quarter.