The Nadowli-Kaleo District is blessed to have professional Hon. members in the field of development that have constituted the development sub-committee.

In the meeting the Chairman was not present but by the assembly standing orders the committee can select one of the members to act on behalf of the Chairman.

The agenda of the meeting was updates on development projects in the district.

Members were given three minutes to read through previous minutes and were then facilitated by the secretary on page-by-page basis for corrections to be made.

Hon. Members raised concerns about lack of dams at cattle rearing communities, that made collecting of cattle rate very difficult and members also questioned the state of availability of dams across the district.

They task the DPCU to visit all dams including those under the government policy of 1V1D to do assessment on their status and brief the house the next committee meeting.

The District Planning Officer (DPO) briefed Hon. Member on the status of the developmental projects within the district. He said, some of the infrastructural projects had been completed awaiting handing over which would be done in the coming weeks.

The house was also briefed on some EU-GAP roads infrastructure currently ongoing across the district.

On rural electrification, the DPO said some poles are to be procured and some institutions in the district have been considered for solar power installations.

Hon. Member for Kaleo East brought to the attention of the house how deplorable the Police post at Kaleo and need urgent attention.

Another Hon. Member raised concern on some school still sit on the floor and animal dropping are found in the classroom because of broken doors and windows.

Recommendation was that,

  1. Funds should be released to aid the DPCU to visit all the Dams including those under the government policy of 1V1D to assess their status.
  2. DA should procure and supply more furniture and teaching and learning materials to close the furniture gaps and ensure effective teaching and learning in the schools.
  3. DA should renovate the Kaleo Police post.

The acting Chairman of the committee thanked all members for making fruitful contribution for the development of the Nadowli-Kaleo District.