The Nadowli-Kaleo District as part of its mandate in the local government level to bring development to the doorsteps of the people of Nadowli-Kaleo, the Assembly invited the Hon. Members of the DA to have discussion on the developmental issues in the district.

The Hon. District Chief Executive of Nadowli-Kaleo welcomed members and other participants to the meeting. She further urged chairpersons of the various sub-committees to submit recommendations that are worth presenting to the General House but not the usual administrative ones.

The minutes of the previous meeting was read, and few corrections were made, and the secretary move for the adoption of the minute.

Management reported that reports and minutes of most area councils are not forthcoming, and this has had a negative effect on the Assembly’s DPAT assessment. Takpo area council was noted on this matter. Hon. Members were advice going forward, committed Assembly members should be the one taking up responsibilities at the area council level.

Management was advice to plants trees around the Assembly lands to prevent encroachment of the Assembly lands. The house urged the works Subcommittee to consider this issue as a major concern in their subsequent deliberations.

The Chairpersons of the various sub-committees of the Assembly presented their reports to the Executive Committee to be forwarded to the General Assembly for adaption as by Law.

The Assembly has six (6) sub-Committees in the District below are the list;

  1. Development Planning
  2. Finance and Administration
  3. Justice and Security
  4. Works
  5. Social Services
  6. Agriculture

The Finance and Administration and Development Planning sub-committees presented the following document for consideration and approval by the General Assembly.

  • 2024 Composite Budget for the District
  • 2024 Action Plan
  • 2024 Fee Fixing Resolution

The Hon. Members advice management to ensure fairness in the allocation of resources for equitable development within the district.

The motion for EXECO to accept the document as working document and forward same to the General Assembly for approval and consideration.

Recommendation was as follows:

  • Assembly should organize capacity building training for newly recruited revenue collectors.
  • The General Assembly should deliberate and approve the 2024 Composite Budget, 2024 fee-fixing resolution, 2024 Annual Action Plan and the status of implementation of the Auditors General report for 2022.
  • The Assembly should facilitate the extension of electricity to communities that have not yet been connected to the national grid.
  • The District Assembly should procure low-tension poles to facilitate the extension of electricity to deprived communities in the district.

The Chairperson thanked Hon. Members for their effort they are putting for the development of the district. She however admitted that it was worth spending so much time considering the relevant documents tabled for discussion.