Hon. DCE welcome address for the inauguration of newly elected and appointed Honorable Assembly members for the Nadowli-Kaleo District for the period of 2023 to 2027.

She said, it is a great privilege for me to welcome you all to the inaugural ceremony of the Nadowli Kaleo District Assembly. Before I proceed, I want to stand on behalf of the Chiefs and people of Nadowli Kaleo District, to warmly welcome the Guest of Honour for the event, who is also the Chief Director of Upper West Regional Coordinating Council (UWRCC) – Mr. Maala M. Peter, sir you are most welcome to Nadowli.

Let me also welcome our ‘Naminee’ and ‘Tindaabe’, you have always been with us and contributed your bids towards governance and development in the district. We are very much grateful that you have made time to be with us today.

I also wish to particularly welcome Assembly Members-Elect and Government Appointees who’s outdooring here has occasioned this event. The turnout by Hon. Members and other invited guests this morning is very impressive, and it is clear evidence of what we can do if we work together towards a common objective of nation building.

She said, it is a great day because of the great opportunity it presents to us to re-activate the Assembly for development at the local level. Governance and Leadership is a continuity, and we must therefore quickly put things in place to ensure that there is no vacuum at the local level. We have converged here to kick start proceedings relating to management and administration of the Nadowli Kaleo District on a fresh clean sheet. This implies that, a new chapter of the Assembly will be opened and mandated to transact the official business of the Assembly for the next four years.  The development destiny of this Assembly for the next period will be entrusted in our hands and we will surely be judged on our performances after the end of our tenure.

In addition, one thing that gives me hope in our decentralization efforts as a country is that intelligent young men and women are now beginning to express interest to represent their communities at the Assembly. We are beginning to see so much quality in Assembly’s deliberations which is good for informed decision making at the local level. I therefore have no doubt in my mind that, this present group of Hon. Assembly Members which is made up of highly qualified, technical, and professional men and women will live up to the challenge of the job.

In effect our Assembly is privileged to have professional and technical resourced Members who will partner the secretariat to push the development agenda of our people forward. It is therefore expected that you will give off your best despite the myriad of challenges we encounter in the discharge of our duties. It is purely a service to our communities, a service to the district and a service to Mother Ghana.

Your calling to be an Assembly Member comes with a lot of sacrifice which means the collective interest of our people should be always paramount. With this mindset, you can properly identify with your people and provide for their needs. I wish all of you a very successful tenure of office. I have the pleasure to congratulate you once more. We will surely meet and interact in the coming days and weeks.

After the inaugural of newly elected Hon. Members, they EC proceeded with the rules of the election of the new Presiding Member (PM) for Nadowli-Kaelo district and Hon. Braimah Yakubu for Nadowli East Electoral Area and Hon. Ngminnie Asinye Noah Government appointee were the candidates nominated to contest the position, but no candidate was able to get the request votes of the two-third (2/3) of the Hon. Members present and voting, so the meeting was adjusted to 22nd of February, 2024 for the election of PM to be conducted.