Waste Management Services

Services of the Environmental Health and waste management range from waste collection and disposal, public cleansing to advisory services. Services are either rendered directly or outsourced to private service providers through a franchise agreement, or direct contract where the Assembly pays for the service rendered. Statutory services provided by the Unit include waste collection from public places such as markets, lorry stations and public open spaces.

The following services are also available on request:

Solid Waste Collection Services

Subscription to solid waste services is mandatory to all owners and occupiers of all types of premises (domestic, industrial, institutions etc.).

Prospective service beneficiaries are required to register with only N accredited service providers in their respective communities for solid waste services.

It is illegal to subscribe to the services of unaccredited service providers.

Special Waste Collection Services

  • Evacuation of bulk waste from private property.
  • Evacuation of construction waste and debris.
  • Cleaning of construction site and evacuation of waste after completion of project.
  • Evacuation of E-Waste.
  • Cleaning and Evacuation of toxic waste.

Cleansing Services

  • Cleaning of streets.
  • Cleaning of public open spaces.
  • Cleaning of public places such as markets and lorry parks.
  • Cleaning of drains.

These services are available to private property owners or establishments on demand.

Events Waste Management

The WMU provide complete event waste management solutions for events like festivals, religious conventions, exhibitions, and other gatherings where large volumes of waste of all types is generated.

Services include:

  • sweeping of venue,
  • cleaning of venue,
  • evacuation of waste etc.

Advisory Services

  • Development of waste management plans for real estate developers, commercial properties, and industrial establishments
  • Preparation of RFPs for procurement of waste management services by private entities
  • Evaluation of proposals for waste management services

These services are available to private property owners or establishments on demand.

Note: Standard service charges are published annually in the Assembly Fee Fixing Resolution.